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Soft notes of malt, cocoa and black currant with a smooth body and tangy grapefruit acidity. The finish is long with a hint of walnuts and dry cocoa.


Kenya AA  


Kenya Gourmet Coffee has a reputation as a top quality coffee producer that is unsurpassed. This meticulously prepared coffee is famous for its rich body, pleasant vibrant acidity, fragrant aroma, and winy after taste with overtones of berries and citrus.




Sweet plum and dried banana notes up front. Juicy cup with a spritzy lemon and tangerine acidity. Soft silky body that builds to a nut, malt and bakers cocoa finish.


This particular coffee has been fully washed and ‘honey’ processed. It’s fantastically sweet, with notes of rich caramel pairing splendidly with sharp raspberries.  It works particularly well as a flat white!


Soft stonefruit notes and jubey fruit. Leather, nuts and straw through a full creamy body. Mellow stonefruit acidity. Sweet caramel finish.


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